About Us

Challen Wilkison - Culinary Director

I love food! I started cooking 8 years ago, and my passion for the craft grows every day. I attended Vancouver Community College, as well as Okanagan College to gain as much knowledge about my field as possible. A few years ago, my good friend Mark and I decided that we wanted to start a catering business, with our own style and flair. Jump ahead to today, I have two new partners, a very big beard, and business is booming! I'm excited to utilize all the amazing resources this land and it's community has to offer.

Mark D'Aoust - Beverage Director

8 years ago, I stepped behind the bar for the first time; and I've never looked back. Every time I pick up a shaker, I'm in my element. Shortly after discovering this passion, I started to devour every bit of knowledge I could find about the vast world of cocktails and libations. After earning my official Bartending Certification, I compiled notebook after notebook of original creations, and twists on timeless classics. With every new winery, brewery, and distillery opening in the Okanagan, my room for creativity grows. I'm not a huge fan of the term 'mixologist', but hey; call me what you want, I'll make you a damn fine drink.

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Terri Lambert - Food Truck Liaison

Mother to two of these hooligans, I'm the reason any of this is even happening! With over 30 years of catering experience, including 15 years of managing multiple food trucks and restaurants, I know my way in and around the industry. A builder and creator at heart, I'm excited to build this new chapter in life with a great team. I love meeting new people from all walks of life, and this is an awesome way to travel all over and communicate with people through one of the best languages in the world - FOOD!

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Oliver d'Aoust - Culinary DIrector

I fell in love with cooking when I was 11, and I've loved it ever since. After 13 years in the industry, whether it be food trucks, cafes, catering, and busy Vancouver restaurants, I love it more than ever. After years of obsessively experimenting, crafting, tweaking, and testing, I finally get to share my true passion for the avant garde with everyone.  The Okanagan is such an under-explored resource for new concepts in food, and I can't wait to find more room for creation.

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